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Chantel Ray & Cary Feldman 4 Week Class!

30-Day Challenge to Build Long-lasting Healthy Habits

Learn the tools you need for success. Set your own goals each week. 

What you get

  1. One-Hour Weekly Group Zoom with Chantel and Cary
  2. Access to your coaches and peers
  3. Daily accountability and motivation in the Facebook Group

Make life-changing choices about

  • your food timing
  • your healthy eating plan
  • your way to move your body
  • stopping before you’re full
This course will focus on these 4 concepts in addition to learning how to move your body as the keys to your weight loss success!

About the class

We help you to set your goals while giving you the motivation and accountability you need. You are going to learn healthy habits. With those habits, you’ll be able to set your own health goals. We’ll do a weekly one-hour zoom call with coaches and peers. Throughout the week, get support, accountability, and tips to get you through the week from your coaches and peers on the Facebook group. This program will help you balance your habits so you can have more energy, lose weight, sleep better, manage stress, and so much more.

When is the class?


What time?

12pm EST

About your mentors

Cary Feldman

About Cary

I live in Virginia Beach, VA, with my husband, two boys, and my golden retriever. I enjoy playing tennis, traveling, and spending time with my friends and family. I have always had a passion for health, fitness, education, and helping others. I graduated college with a Bachelor of Arts in Education. I was an educator for five years prior to becoming a certified Health Coach and Life Coach. I practice what I preach. I try to live as healthy and balanced as I can. I want to be an example for loved ones and my clients. My education, training, and lifestyle help me to provide my clients with the right tools and methods to achieve their goals.

Chantel Ray

About Chantel 

An author and a mother, Chantel has written award-winning health and weight loss books, “Waist Away“, “Fasting to Freedom“, “One Meal and a Tasting“, and “Freedom From Food” to help people like you join the journey to health.

  • I’m going to eat in an 8 hour window
  • I’m going to slow down and eat each meal in 25 min
  • I’m going to cut out all refined sugar
  • I’m going to cut out all grains and eat fruit
  • I’m going to eat 80 percent veggies
  • I’m going to walk 3 miles a day
  • I’m going to lift weights 3 days a week
  • I’m going to do 10,000 steps per day

Example goals

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Healthy Habits 4 Week Course

Healthy Habits 4 Week Course

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