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Posts by Juli Gaggiotti

Debbie B

Debbie B Testimonial

I lost 40lbs using intermittent fasting and Whole30. Big thank you to Chantel Ray for her wonderful book “Waist Away: The Chantel Ray Way” and her awesome podcast that keeps me learning about health! Even though I strive to eat lots of fresh vegetables and unprocessed foods, I tend to overeat. Fasting has allowed me…

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#104 – Todd White

Chantel Ray: Hey guys, welcome to this week’s episode, and I am so excited to have Todd White with Dry Farm Wines. I’m going to start, Todd, by welcome you and asking you to walk us through a day in the life of Todd. What did you eat yesterday like, breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Todd…

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#72 – Tricia Yanek

Chantel Ray: Hey guys. Welcome to this week’s episode. Today we’re talking all about wine. I have an amazing guest with you today. Her name is Tricia Yanek. Tricia welcome. Tricia Yanek: Hi. Thanks for having me. Chantel Ray: All right. Let’s talk about wine. One of the things … I’m not a huge wine…

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